Confuse Disable Revisited

I thought about it some more and I wanted to post a new version of this idea. I created a new topic because we got off topic in the original one. I combined some ideas of others and my own as well. Let me know what you guys think! It would also be really awesome if people like this new idea that they use it in concepts to convince PB to add something similar. I know it is not really needed, but I thought I would give it a try. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

A hero confuses an enemy for a certain duration, just like any other disable.

The enemy that is confused has a strong chance of dealing damage to itself when it tries to use all skills and basic attacks, and can be attacked by both the enemies and the heroes. The enemy with the confused disable is the only target for the certain duration.

Beyond that the disable can be improved in a lot of different directions through red skills, disks, and other aspects of the game.

For example, in a red or purple skill:
The enemy that is confused has a chance of dealing damage to its allies with its skills and basic attacks as well.

Obviously there are many others, but that is a good example.



So thoughts?

No thoughts. It’s all good fam!

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