Confused about Friend Mode

Hello! I am new here so please bear with me. I am confused about Friend Mode. The first friendship i unlocked was Ralph and Venellope. When I first started doing their campaign it was just the two of them that could fight. After awhile Frozone showed up as being able to fight with us…? Why is this? So now my Frozone/Yax friendship is just the two of them and I am having a tough time. So other than beefing them up, how do I get another hero to be able to join us to help?
Also, how do you unlock a friendship’s “Missions” and what do the Missions do? I keep performing Ralph and Venellope’s Sugar Rush mission over and over and I seem to collect the green cube things but I’m not sure what else Im actually accomplishing by running this mission over and over.
Thanks in advance for any info!

It’s funny how you’ve pretty much nailed all the specific parts about Friend Mode! :laughing: So, here’s how they pretty much break down:

  • New friendships are unlocked when Heroes reach specific levels.
  • Once they are unlocked, you can start gaining Friend EXP (the green cube things) for each friendship pairing:
    • @ lv1, Daily Friend Quests become your first source for Friend EXP.
    • @ lv3, Friendship Campaign becomes available.
    • @ lv5, Friend Missions becomes available (ie: more ways to earn Friend EXP & two new currencies: Disk Power & Memory Chips).
      Longer Friendship Missions unlock at higher levels!
    • @lv6, Daily Friend Quests disappear!!
      Hint: A lv10 Friendship is required to unlock the Disk at the end! So, always be sure you’re doing Missions/Campaign.

How Friendship Campaign Works:
There are 8 stages you’ll need to plow through in order to unlock the magical Disk at the end. This Disk (when unlocked & equipped) will give your hero specific boosts!
You’ll need Disk Power (the blue octagon things) to level these up. To raise a Disk’s stars, you’ll need to unlock Memory Chips, lv12+ Friendship Missions will drop these.

Each stage will progressively get harder & harder to beat. So, to help you with this, the game will add friends to assist you every step of the way. For example:

  • Stage 1 = Ralph & Van
  • Stage 2 = Ralph & Van +1
  • Stage 3 = Ralph & Van +2, etc etc

Keep in mind that, in this mode, you do not gain Friend EXP for any other friendships! Just the duo you start out with!

Are you a fan of repeating Missions? Good news! Each Mission has a max level of 5. Attaining that earns you Friend XP & 5 Memory Disks!

Toggle the Friendship Campaign Info for your Friend Duos on this page to see who else will help you in your Campaign! Or, check out this post to see the basic layout of all missions!

For more information, read the official Friendship Overview.

Hope that helped you some :blush:


Omg Caster! Thank you SO much! This makes things SO much more clear! Not sure why they don’t explain it this way within the game. Haha
Thanks again!

Just a little note. Friend quests are removed at level 6 friendship not level 3.

Something else that would be good to mention is also that the other allies that get added to the campaign are not required to do them. (So even without unlocking them you can still do those levels.) They just make it easier to complete as things get harder.

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Oh, thank you! Editted. :+1:

Friendships are pretty essential to the game so seriously am wondering why they haven’t created a tutorial about it yet. Maybe they could work on that

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What do higher friendship levels unlock? I know more missions but the missions reward more friendship XP. So what is the advantage of continuing to level up a friendship? Just to eventually get the disc stuff as reward?

Not just the Disk Power - needed for level upgrades - but Memory Chips, too. These increase your Star Levels so the Disk is more effective!

Starting from friendship level 12 you’ll get missions with Memory Chips as a reward, and each new level unlocks a new mission with Chips.
You’ll use these Memory Chips to upgrade the stars of your disk.

I’m just wondering… how do you get Memories? Can you get then if you fully “upgrade” the missions?

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Nope, it has nothing to do with upgrading the mission. Once the heroes’ friendship reaches 12, you will start to unlock missions that reward memories.

I maxed out the first Friend Mission for Elastigirl and Jack-Jack. Their Disk is Drool’s Errand. When I got the end of “Level 5” of their Mission, it gave me Friend EXP and I got 5 Memories for the said Disk.

Thank you so much for the info about unlocked heroes! I have been waiting until I unlock them before I continue the campaigns.

Just wondering – is there any way to tell when a friend mission is going to level up? They just seem to level up randomly :confused:

Actually, you can’t tell when a friend mission is going to level up. But it’s not randomly leveling up, it follows a strict code when leveling up.

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Yeah, I could tell it was going by code, by I can’t figure out the algorithm haha. I haven’t made an effort to try, though. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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To take a Mission from lv2 to lv3, I know you have to do it 5x. I’ve been too forgetful to mark down how many it takes to bring it to lv4 & so on, though :sweat_smile:


What is the max level of friends

Max Friendship level is 15

If I understand what you asked correctly. The max level of any Friendship is currently at level 15. You unlock all the missions for that possible friendship combination once you reach lvl 15.

However, bare in mind that some missions are Locked until the specific hero needed for that mission, becomes available on your server.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: