Constantine Hero Concept

The Muppets

Stats and Information

Role - Damage

Trial Team - Blue

Position - Mid

Stars At Beginning - 1

Quote - “It’s not easy being mean”

Bio - This evil doppelganger Constantine aka Number One aka The World’s most dangerous frog will show the creeps who the real villain is using his arsenal of bombs and his baby sidekicks.


Entrance - Constantine runs into battle with his cloak pulled over his head. He then removes it.

Victory - Constantine dances

Defeat - Constantine is dragged off screen by a gulag guard

Basic Attack - Constantine bites at enemies with his metal teeth


White Skill - Bombing Bullfrog (True Damage)
Passive : Constantine can store an unlimited amount of energy.

Active : Constantine sets out some explosives and hits the detonator dealing x damage to all enemies initially and x damage over time for 10 seconds. Enemies are also snared for 5 seconds and knocked back. Support role enemies gain 16 stacks of fatigue and are silenced for 12 seconds.

Green Skill - Frog Legs (True Damage)
Constantine jumps forward with his leg extended. He deals x damage to the first enemy he hits and stuns them for 10 seconds. Constantine is immune to disables for 6 seconds after using this skill. If Constantine hits a support role enemy, he heals x and his attacks and skills deal 75% more damage for 8.5 seconds.

Blue Skill- Heist Babies (True Damage)
Constantine sends a stampede of 5 babies through the enemies. Each baby deals x damage to each enemy they hit and steal 75 energy for each enemy they hit. Whenever an enemy loses energy, they are silenced for 5 seconds. Support role enemies hit have 125 energy stolen from them and lose all their active buffs. Constantine gains all energy stolen from this skill.

Purple Skill - World’s Most Dangerous Frog
If Constantine is dealt damage equal to 5% of his max hp or he has 5 or more active debuffs he becomes invisible for 9 seconds. Constantine gains 4 stacks of hardy, heals x, and increases his skill power x every second he’s invisible. Constantine gains the skill power buff for 14 seconds.

Red Skill - Number One
Every 10 seconds Constantine heals x for the amount of allies in battle with him.

Constantine deals 25% more damage with his attacks and skills for each ally in battle.

After using “Frog Legs” allies gain energy equal to 45% of Constantine energy.

  • x Max hp
  • x skill power
  • x basic damage


Constantine and Statler and Waldorf
Name - Downfall of the Muppets

Description - Buff “Heist Babies


  • Constantine now sends x more babies into the stampede on “Heist Babies
  • Babies now steal x more energy from enemies


  • Constantine gains x skill power for each 100 energy the babies steal
  • +x more damage dealt on “Frog Legs”

Constantine and King Louie
Name - Dance Monkey Dance

Description - Allies gain more energy


  • Allies now gain x% more energy equal to Constantine energy on “Number One


  • +x armor
  • +x skill power
  • +x reality to allies

A great but rather broken hero lol, nice job!

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That was the goal. Lol. I love this guy in the movie and thought it’d be hilarious if he would be an over powered top of the meta character. I do think though even a character with a broken skill set wouldn’t necessarily be broken in game. Character stats play a massive role in the success or failure of a character. If he had low hp and got knocked out by most characters first attacks then he wouldn’t have a chance to use his skills.

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