Contest “Abuse” Question

Where does PB stand on guilds bringing in alternate or traded/swapped accounts to up their contest score during a competition? Asking becos this has been reported to your team multiple times as abuse, yet the accounts that are shared and used and then removed from the guild still are able to do it every contest.

The points stay with the guild and the, as I see it, cheating guild, ends up either winning or dangerously close to winning due to this abuse. Where does PB stand on this?

From what you’re explaining this is against the TOS as accounts cannot be shared/traded. Please report these players to our ingame support.

Twisted beasts sharing accounts on s14

Shank and Aladdin

And others

They have been reported quite a few times on server 21. Am aware the trading/ sharing account aspect was against the rules and have reported it 2 fold as such. It’s as simple as checking the account logs I presume for you guys.

Apart from that, where does PB stand on using alternate accounts in general for contest scoring?

You’ll have to report those too for support to look into so we can look into the specific examples.


The accounts have been specifically reported to support a few times, most recent being 2 days ago. Should another ticket be opened about it since it has since been closed?

No, it’s fine and has been looked into then.

There is player name Braveheart server 14 also sharing account if its relevant

Also I heard he made the sea level increase when he cried above it

They attempted to change their name and go guildless after seeing this forum post but we went ahead and reported them so you can checks their logs and do your investigation. Thanks.

Name changes won’t be an issue when we look in our admin.

This isn’t answering the main question and support in game didn’t answer it either.

Contest start - 50 original people.
Become 49/50, add a guildless account. Let them use their resources (resets, stamina whatsoever).
The new person will leave the guild, their score will stay. Then go back to the original 50 regardless of trading or not. Leave that out of it for this example so the question is simple.

Why is the game so scripted that you can have more points than the ending 50 members have? This is clearly being exploited for months in a row now.

If you send us the info we can check the accounts in our admin to see if there is cheating.

It has been reported.

Sorry to be blunt but my question still isn’t answered.

Is it okay to bring others during a contest, kick them and fill up with the original people again just to have more resources in total?

Why is it so that if a person leaves a guild their contribution isn’t subtracted when it’s clearly being abused?

This is an on-going thing. I just want to know if we can hop on the same wagon and make contests even more annoying for everyone.

@Loutre By any chance you have given this some thought or gotten additional feedback for it?

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