Contest reward incorrect

Hi, I note that in the most recent contest the top 1% in rankings covered positions up to position 59.

Therefore the top 10% should cover positions up to 590 (or close to 590). However, I only received the benefit of a top 25% finish despite finishing in position 539 (well within the top 10% based on the information available). Please can you confirm that you will provide the correct rewards to me for finishing in the top 10%?

I wonder if it’s due to this. Discounting the top 10, there’d actually only be 49 players in the 1% bracket - maybe the calculation is then cutting off 10% at rank 490.

@Polaris if so this might need reworking? It’s making it easier to finish in the top 1%, but more difficult for every bracket below that :fearful: it seems counter-intuitive for the top 10% to actually only be the top 8.3% in this case.
(if that is the case :thinking: )

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