Contest scoring from hoarding?

Arena and coliseum rewards havent even gone out yet and some people already have 500k+ points in contest. Is it from hoarding the past few days worth of arena and coliseum rewards?

Just wondering if that will work on these arena/coliseum contests.

No. They just spent gold :man_shrugging:


Wait, but the contest hasn’t even started yet, right?

It started an hour ago in my server

Which server are you in? Because I’m in Server 21, and for us, the contest doesn’t start until 7 tomorrow morning (PST).

Probably one of the Asian servers :man_shrugging:

Ah. That would make sense, given the timezone difference.

Im in server 13…asia

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Ah. So that’s why.

People are receiving their surge rewards from the night before. Its confusing cuz that wouldnt be tokens “earned” if they are rewards from the preious day’s work (before the contest even started). I think it should be changed to “surge tokens received” instead of “surge tokens earned”

Idk…i think im just still confused about some contest rules

Surge Tokens from the previous surge might be a reason for this, it could be like Djaq said that many people are massively spending coins, it could be people in non-challenger arena and Coliseum receiving tokens for defensive wins and promotions as well.


Most likely the are unlocking red skills

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Using gold. Another option is they are buying coliseum and arena tokens from the black or mega markets as well.


No. Arena and coliseum rewards are not counted if they are before the contest starts.

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I had a high early score because of spending gold.

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Congrats for u! I’d probably have to wait for 3 days to get a total of 14 skill chip crates.

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