Contests for all players?

I have no red characters so I can’t do epic city watch, so no skill chip item. And So, no points for contests of the week end. It’s not nice to not think about low level players. AGAIN !!!
The game become more and more boring for new players…

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It got stamina to allow everyone to have at least some points. And red skill chip crates (item or limited time crate) are available. The loot also have a chance to offer the featured heroes in contest. It isn’t unfair per se, but it’s just inconvenient.

Yeah, but it feels like PB changed the odds on everything this weekend. I’ve opened over 300 gold chests and only got 10 princess chips, 16 red skill crates with no princess, and did CW with 3 princesses and got skill chips for the other 2 heroes. This contest is soooooooo warped!

Out of 300 gold chests, you should expect to get hero chips from 9%, or 27, of them. Getting 10 princess chips actually sounds pretty lucky.

There’s 6 princesses out of, what, something like 145 heroes? Given those numbers, there’s about a 50% chance of not getting any princess skill chips from 16 red skill crates.

OK, this is the one that seems odd. With 3 princesses per battle for 15 battles, the odds of getting no red skill chips for any them are roughly one in a million. That’s not impossible, but it’s unlikely enough to be worth noting.

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Sorry to say but with pb rng that’s simply not correct.

I’ve had several runs where 1 hero got all chips after the 15 fights, nothing to the other 4, happen more than once.

At one point when I was trying to get the 125 chips to unlock red on a hero of mine did it take 10 days of doing epic runs finishing all 15 fights before that hero saw first badge of chips.

This red skill has to change its to much rng.

I highly doubt that…

There is a 20% chance of getting skill chips for any given character so the probability of getting the same hero for all 15 (not 25) fights is:


Read it all and you notice I use 15. But thank you for noticing I hit 2 instead of 1 it’s corrected in a second, but since I’m hoping you read the rest you also know I wrote 15 later and it was a typo taking in 2 and 1 are next to eachother.

Well your doubts are wrong 4 times so far it happen to me. This is the problem with rng.

It can mean someone gets the drop in first try others get it after 5000 tries all up to the rng god’s.

You must be incredibly unlucky then…

I’m not the only one, this is why I don’t like rng it mess things up.

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