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Updated December 2020

Hope this helps for tracking purposes

12/07/2020 Coalition of Guilds
11/30/2020 Fortify the Network
11/23/2020 Heroes of the City
11/16/2020 Badge Bit Collector
11/09/2020 Fortify the Network
11/02/2020 Trick or Treat Co-Op
10/26/2020 Help the Merchants
10/19/2020 Fortify the Network
10/12/2020 Coalition of Guilds
10/05/2020 Battle Mode Contest
09/28/2020 Maintain the Network
09/21/2020 In Search of Badge Bits
09/14/2020 Keep the City Safe


Thanks @Nala_CMXLVIII, this surely helps for predicting the upcoming contest. Anyway, here is a topic where I put all those contest info, with some help from the community as well


Thanks @Deputy_Martin! didn’t want it to get lost. Can you please provide a description for maintain the network? Same as fortify right?

yes they are the same contest, it just came when the three consecutive contests were used to give us a hint about Kim Possible coming in, where the first letter of those three contest are K-I-M

14/9/2020 - Keep The City Safe - Co-Op Contest!
21/9/2020 - In Search Of Badge Bits Guild Contest
28/9/2020 - Maintain The Network Contest (FTN) - listed below under FTN


Ah Okay! Thanks!

I’ve been playing this game for 252d
and … not once did I
think to note it down …

G E N I U S :joy::partying_face::clap::raised_hands:

the number of times I’d made a bet with
another guild member … ‘ trying to guess ‘
what contest was coming up next … thinking
that I actually knew what we were up to …

and LOST … :unamused::flushed::roll_eyes:

is endless !!! :joy::joy:

Would’ve been handy for me
to think about tthis EARLIER
stages of my DH journey …

I’d waste soo many resources
EVERY TIME … then the contest or
event crates would drop , A DAY
later :unamused::unamused::joy::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::no_entry_sign::sos:

you’ve made my day !:crazy_face:
thanks soo much for this :blue_heart:


If you go into contests, you can see all contests for the year, FYI

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Upcoming contest will be server contest because of christmas

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