Control Hero Guide (PART 2)

Disable: when a negative status effect directly affects a character’s ability to make a move or how they attack. Stun, Freeze, Charm, Blind, Silence are Disables.

Debuff: when a negative status effect directly affects a character’s stats to make them weaker, less effective, or more vulnerable to damage. Slow, Curse, Armor Shred, Reality Shred, Scare, Study are Debuffs.

Discrepancies: Some skills have their own unique set of rules. Ursula’s Hex cause a stun if the affected targets attempt to use their white skills. Otherwise, if they don’t use White Skills, or Hex expires, there will be no stun. Kevin, Hatter, and Anger will NOT be stunned by Hex, but their energy will still deplete to zero. Kevin’s “Admin Privileges” and “Sweet Glitch” cannot block debuffs. Anger’s “Anger Management” cannot block debuffs. Mad Hatter’s “Oblivious” can block disables and debuffs (really, he can). Characters with Tenacity can reduce how long they are affected by disables and debuffs. Characters with Evasion can avoid disables but cannot avoid debuffs. Kevin’s “Power Cleanse” can remove disables, debuffs, and damage over time (burns and poison).

Disable Effects:

  • Stun: characters are unable to move for a specific amount of time. When the stun occurs, any action a character was doing will be completely interrupted.

  • Freeze: characters are also unable to move for a specific amount of time. When a freeze occurs, any action a character was doing will be paused but will resume again once the freeze wears off.

  • Charm: characters affected will attack their own teammates; affected targets may use their regular attacks and skills against their team, but they cannot use White Skills. If the affected target has no more teammates to attack, they simply will not move until the charm wears off.

  • Blind: characters are unable to connect regular attacks. Skills are unaffected, and therefore can still make a hit.

  • Silence: characters are unable to use any of their skills and are only limited to regular attacks.


Actually, silence prevents enemies to use ALL skills

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Update: Hiro’s overview completed!

I really think Genie should be classed as support.

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I agree he only really has one ‘control’ skill whereas the rest of his skills are buffing and supporting the team. I generally think he needs a rework however.

So, no offense, but, when you’ll Launch they parte 2 and 3? and un the support guide, Will you puta Animal?

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Animals overview has already been done, it is in part 1 of the support guide after Alice.
The next parts of the control hero guide will be done in time, just be patient! Aurora has a life outside of Disney Heroes as do you and i so just remember that. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, i just want yo know

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Transform (Genie and Merlin) are also disables.

Actually that is a discrepancy

Rally well done guide. The only issue here is that Gaston has no weaknesses :wink:

Thank you for going very in-depth into that! I wish it was more clear in-game.


Thanks, I never understood some of the terms in the game. Like what does blind do or what does silence do? But now I know!

If they are not disables, then why are Flynn and Anger immune to squirrels?

Because they are immune to disables

Discrepancies are effects that are only exclusive to one hero. Like Ursula’s Hex

Ursula Hex is a debuffed, so it’s understandable why it can be applied onto Kevin and Anger. However, the fact that it also affected Mad Hatter confuses me.

Actually, does Hex count as a disable? It directly affects her ability to activate a skill in the same way a Silence or Blind does.

@Aurora_Veil If you’re interested, I’ve done another analysis, this time for Captain Hook! :grin:

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