Control Hero Guide (Part 3)

Hex??? (I don’t play with Ursula that much)

Also…i didn’t know jafar had counters (cough cough) scar disk (cough cough)

Yax is the only known counter

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Didn’t they patched that???

Patch what?

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…is yax still a counter to jafar

Hex is her White Skill. It applies a debuff that would interrupt the enemies when they used their White. The enemies will be stunned and lose all of their energy. Hex is special in that it works on most heroes, including Mad Hatter (despite his disable and debuff immunity).

Update: Maleficent’s overview completed!

A few things I’d like to address–I didn’t want to list Ursula as a counter against Mad Hatter because even if it sounds good on paper, it’s just not consistent in practice. Yes, her Hex can potentially deny him of his energy, but things get pretty weird in a fight. For instance, I find that Ursula is often close enough for Hatter to charm her or cause a lot of damage to her with his Mad Tea Party. Long story short, if Ursula can’t counter him consistently, then I won’t write about it. Another thing to clarify is Yax vs Jafar. When Jafar was released, players found a bug that forced Jafar’s Whirling Dervish to miss, making Yax a very explicit counter to Jafar. With the release of patch 1.12.2, this is no longer the case and Jafar’s skills work as intended.

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And what about Jafar taking advantage of slows @Aurora_Veil?

I mean, there’s no way I’m encouraging that. Slow also means Elsa can do more damage against him, as will Finnick and he can also stun him with his van. If it’s more detrimental to him, I’m not gonna bother writing about it.

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Jasmine is really fun. Can’t wait to write about her!


She has somewhat high HP

I used a Level 114 Orange+3 3-star Jafar (skills maxed) against a Level 102 Orange+2 1-star Jasmine (skills also maxed). She survived “Whirling Dervish” with about half of her HP remaining. Rajah survived too, but with low HP

With jasmine, you need to deal with rajah first in order to get to jasmine (not the diving characters though)

Because they can just go over rajah…right??

Lovely analyses as always, @Aurora_Veil !

To patch up the Mad Hatter’s low Armor Stat, which would you recommend on an HP Mod - Armor or Shield?

Armor, easily. It is currently available right now and the shield can be bad against Rex and Dash.

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Update: Jasmine’s overview completed!

At the time of writing this comment, this does mean that the Control guide is fully completed… for now. I look forward to eventually adding Yzma and writing about her.


Wait…shields stop Charms? First time I’ve heard of that…do they stop any other debuffs?

Don’t misunderstand–I’m specifically talking about Goofy’s shields. Goofy’s shield gives him bonus Tenacity, so he doesn’t get disabled for very long. On top of that, if he has Mickey’s disk, he can give his allies shields that will make them immune to disables as long as the shields remain. So it’s not just charms, but also stuns, freezes, blinds, and silences. Somewhat similarly, Kevin with Quorra’s disk allows his shield to have a 25% chance to avoid disables. These are the only exceptions.

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Appreciate these guides. Very helpful!

If I may, I’d also like to add that one strength that’s not mentioned often about Genie is that he has really good Fantastic Crit, making his “Makeover” skill likely to deal large amounts of damage.
And a weakness of Genie that I’ve noticed is that the nature of the “Makeover” skill makes its timing rather awkward, since it can cause projectiles to miss their target if they are thrown before Genie transforms the enemy.

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