Convert Raw Stamina into Stamina bottles

I was just thinkin’.
How it would be if we could convert raw stamina into stamina bottles?
Pros: For FTP and hoarders when we keep hoarding and reach a limit we cannot further buy stamina with diamond.But this would help us to do so.
Cons: Well there isn’t (i guess)
How is the idea well?


Yes! I would love this! (Especially for guild aid)


Not gonna happen. Perblue is doing everything to prevent hoarding.


True. I get what @AbuBakr-Umar said aswell. When ftp use diamonds to buy stamina during bonus get more stamina event. We cannot save after 40k or something which is not fair. Since whales buy a ton of stamina and ftp can’t save beyond 40k raw stamina.
My suggestion we should have more ways to get double normal campaign drops bag so we can activate that during bonus get more stamina and enjoy without hoarding.
@AbuBakr-Umar also do you buy the diamond bundle of 3.9k or 5k diamonds one which gives a double normal campaign drops bag?

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No. They arent really worth.

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