Cosmetic Crates

Hi I’m really disappointed in the game right now because I would love to get cosmetic crates but the only way to get them is by buying them and it is really frustrating because every time I get a cosmetic crate I get dupes. I AM SO MAD I can’t believe what I have to do to get a simple avatar!!!

I am The Glitcher from: Server (9) Stone Guardian
Current level 111
Guild: NoDramaLlamas

Can u plz make it easier to get them because constantly buying cosmetic crates is a waste of mine and all the other players money.:confused:

If you don’t want to duplicate, you should get gold one, but two ways, one is pay money, one is win high score in contest sometimes. Common one , easy to duplicate and you are right, also hard to get them.

Hey I’m toad, from server 11. So for me they are also found in invasion

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