Cost of red skills

Is it just me or has upgrading red skills gone up?

All my new red skill heroes cost 10 hero chips and so does my old now, but when I got my first red skill heroes I recall after unlocking it they started at 5 hero chips each level, and my most expensive Randall was at like 6-7 but now he cost 10, animal the same.

I’m now sure if gold cost, red skill chips and unlocking a red skill has increased but I’m sure the upgrade cost has for Hero chips?

They get more expensive (in gold and chips) the higher the level of the skill.

Yes, the cost of Skill Chips become more expensive and the value goes up every 5 levels. Honestly, it sucks. Either we need more ways to earn it or less expensive leveling costs.


Everything after while cost too much, and sources of them are very limited, as anything in DH.
And of course, as anything like before, won’t be changed :slight_smile:

In few months over 100 heroes will have red skill.

Skill chips should also be more available.


You misunderstand, my newest hero to get a red skill starts at 10 hero chip to upgrade. My Randall I’m sure was at 7, but now cost 10. What I mean is the upgrade cost minimum for Hero chips has been increased to 10 from 5.

Huh? That’s really weird.
I’ve just checked and all heroes start with 5 chips, newer ones too - Shang/Mulan.

They haven’t changed since launch, here is a table of costs to lvl 50

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