Cost of the game is too high

I have a message for the game designers and game manager. The cost to play the game is starting to get too high. It costs 5 hero chips to upgrade red skill from level 1 to level 2. It costs 19 hero chips to upgrade red skill from level 261 to 262. This seriously needs to be leveled off.

I can see people are starting to lose interest by the fact that there are less people participating in contests like the FTN contest. I had to spend a lot more resources last time to get into the top 1%. A friend told me contests are the least favorite part of the game when the scoring is way to specific. Contests used to be a lot more fun. Giving us better deals doesn’t solve this problem. Please fix this before it’s no longer fun to play or costs too much to keep up.

I know this is a business for you, but from a business perspective, if the cost of doing business with you is too high, your customers will walk away. It’s better in the long term to satisfy your customers even those that barely buy any deals.


Two words…


A lot of them.

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Buying them in large enough quantities to get the hero chips needed for red skill is really only practical if one is using macros or autoclickers in an emulator. Which, technically, are against the TOS. :confused:


No one ever liked fortified the network contests they were always just usefull for the double drops

What double drops?

There was always a dabble drop event in the campaign for a day during th ftn contest

Oh I didn’t know that. I hate the FtN contests, I sometimes barely hit 1% even when spending money.

That’s why I don’t even participate in that contest

@Loutre @Nugget you need to listen to your fans, and think about how it can be best for EVERYONE, not just your daily cash trucks. If you continue doing this, people WILL NOT have any fun playing your game. Make your choice.

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With enough practice that is not true. I do understand however that you have better things to do though.

Hence why I really want to push on dev team to introduce “Buy Max” on Gold Crates.

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