Counter attacks

When it comes to beating a team with higher power the only way to win is strategy.?

If im up against a freeze team, or even just elsa or olaf in the team, i realise i don’t actually know anything about counter attacks, or how to get past them.

If im up against mulan, again i have no idea how id stop her.

The same goes on for so many popular hero’s right now that are in almost every team.

Some people might view this and think its dumb because they know what hero’s to use, but no where in the game does it teach you about strategy and being tactical, ive tried learning the skills, symbols, damage of hero’s and i completely forget very quickly, there’s no practice mode or anything to teach and learn yourself.

I’d like some kind of brief and easy layouts of what hero’s can do to each other and understanding it,

Someone said about using hank and dory for blinding with powerline so i tried it and it worked extremely well, and my point is…
These 2 hero’s i would of never put together and knew this strategy.

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@The_Death_Note help

I want to suggest making a notebook or personal database for your heroes. This can include lots of different things, depending on what you need. I found it helpful when I did play this game.

I am not sure what freeze team counters are, but I am aware of who can counter Mulan.

Mulan can be countered by Timon and Pumbaa as well as Shank (with red skill) as of right now. Hopefully, more heroes come that can add to this list or Mulan can be nerfed, so she does not dominate the meta as much.

Currently it’s Pleakley (Mo) and Hardy

Well, you learn something new every day.

And with Maximus and Plealey/Barbossa combo becoming popular now, Mad Hatter (red skill) is a great counter.

Did? Are you strike

Nope. I quit for different reasons.

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