Counter for Zeus

So my guild is struggling with guild war, because of one character: Zeus. Does anyone know a good character to counter his attack Lighting Storm (his white skill)?


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So far reflect hasn’t worked

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Any reflect source
Clawhauser (+ Kermit)
Your Zeus
Gizmo combo
And some more


We’ll try that! Thanks!

Doesn’t work, Zeus just outspeeds her.

This. Joy is the core. You can also use characters with higher evasion or those who don’t rely on the first few seconds of the fight, meaning that after 5 seconds they can still win it. I mostly try Dash, even if his red doesn’t really help.

That’s on you… for some weird reason.

For me, she is first and easily kills him, or at least interrupts him so he won’t use his skill.

Is that a spar or an actual battle? Cause in sparring my Jess also jumps first, but in PvP she doesn’t even try before she gets stunned :confused:


That’s arena… pvp.

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Try Mary Sanderson with LSB disk to counter his first white skill at the beginning.

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