Counters HELP

We need to know counters! Why can’t we have some kind of counter list on the game itself for which hero’s will defeat each other or help each other, I am sick of just getting frozen & stunned until the time runs out.

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While everyone has their own specific counters more so, here are the general Counters I think :-).

Damage: Damage, Crowd Control, Debuffs.
Shields/Buffs: Buff Removal, Fatigue.
Crowd Control and Debuffs: Hardy, Cleanse, Crowd Control.
Healing: Curse. (If Healing over time Fatigue and Buff Removal works as well).


Like Kevin Flynn’s White skill that remove all Debuffs :-).
Although, I might have written it wrong.

Let me check.

Yup, and fixed. (Cleanse).

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