Crash at Chapter 29, 1.1..!

Since Chapter 29 was released on server 16, I have been unable to finish the third stage of 1.1.
Chapter 1 was a breeze… on to 1.1…stage 1, done…stage 2…done…stage 3 freezes the instant Vanelope starts dialogue …I tap screen expecting to see next set of dialogue, instead, the game crashes .
Need help!!! I need badge bits in this chapter to take my heroes to R8.
I have been trying everyday since release. I have deleted and reinstalled almost everyday (some days more than once)
I’ve tried changing heroes, waiting 30 seconds before I tap the screen…same result…crash.
Any help appreciated
I play on iphone6s am vip 14

Try turning the device on and off, I mean find the off button, reset it, let me know if it does not work

If not maybe your storage is almost too full, try deleting apps you don’t use

If that doesn’t work try sending Polaris something, he’ll know what to do

Thanks DRB. I use this device for gaming only. At present DHBM and Kingdom Age are on it. I’ve been playing KA for 8+ years with no problem.
I’ve turned off device, reset the phone, deleted and reinstalled numerous times during the day, everything that is not being used on device has been deleted or turned off.
Wifi is fine, only play games when I’m at home.

No promblem

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