Crate opening animation

Just trying to give a suggestion here, but is there any way that the developers may consider removing that animation from getting extra hero chips while opening crates? It’s REALLY annoying. I mean, even if removing the animation isn’t an option, at least remove the need for the player to have to hit “continue” every time. I actually like seeing what I get out of the crates, but that whole animation and having to hit continue every time I get a multiple chip reward is super annoying. Just asking.

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I thought this was going to be a silly post but actually, yes it is annoying :joy: what I’d like to see is for the animation to only play for a hero who isn’t unlocked yet, and for other full hero drops to have a little ‘twinkle’ or something on the square and the animation will play on pressing them.


If you tap in the empty space to the lower right of where the continue button will pop up when the animation starts, the continue button will appear without having to let the whole thing play. I think you may actually be able to tap anywhere on the screen that isn’t where the continue button will appear, but I honestly can’t remember for sure.