Creep Brute isn’t getting any damage under some situations

Hey, everyone!
I observed that there’s a drawback in heist. When a hero of mine is ambushed or when I fight the thief, the creep Brute isn’t getting any damage, unless I use Jasmine, Bo Peep or Rapunzel. The result is to lose the battle, while my heroes are Orange2 to Orange4, at level 108 and max skilled level.

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Brute only receives fantastic damage.
It ignores the normal damage.

Check hero’s skill to find out what type of damage is dealing the hero.


Okay, thank so much! So, there isn’t any problem with my heist, right?

No, you just need to select range of heroes for this game-mode.

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Your help was really useful, thank you again :slightly_smiling_face:

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