Creep Surge has become nearly unbeatable

Has anyone noticed how difficult Creep Surge has become? The lowest district #27 has a power level of 263 M! What has caused the power levels to skyrocket like this. I would like to point out that I only noticed these big levels when I joined a new guild. Would that have anything to do with it?


Creep Surge power levels depend on the strength of your guild, yes, but PerBlue also changed how they populate the Surge districts last week, making all the teams largely random and compressing the power distribution, so the higher districts are much weaker than before while the lower districts are much stronger.


Thanks for your response, Jody.

So, it’s a bit of both, huh? Well, even the highest is nearly impossible too since it’s 336.1 M.

Guess all I can do is hope that PerBlue will change things around again.

Thanks again.


Still a problem.

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