Creep surge needs a massive adjustment with surge coins

It’s been a couple of months now since the new surge was introduced and I have to say my guilds surge payout has gone way down to where we’re not even making enough to do 1 buy a day anymore, like today we’re looking at base 333 surge coins for 14 tiers cleared which seem ridiculously low. Another issue is creep surge needs a merc hire cost adjustment again the prices are starting to get really high to hire mercs again. I also would like to see surge maybe scale with servers instead of overall possibly


I’d also like to see more variety in the lineups used in surge literally almost every district involves a horse cat ian or mulan and they are very disruptive to beat. I’m on 21 and our blue districts are pushing 800k+ heck our yellows are in the 500ks now


Totally agree. Last week it seemed Maximus, Mulan or Elsa was in every surge battle and was unbeatable. I used five 155 red-level heroes with maximum enhanced badges and maximum skills with a power level of 1.2 million and couldn’t beat a purple-levelled Maximus. Tired of wasting my best heroes on lower-levelled heroes and not winning.

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Ooooorrrrrr…Learn synergy and how to use your toons. It’s not hard to beat any toon if you know what you’re doing. Why blame the game?

Cant synergize against a horse sir when every district contains one

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