Creep Surge Overview

About Creep Surge

Waves of Creeps

Infected heroes and minions are flooding the city! Your help is needing to fight them off and keep things safe.

Team Work

Work together with your guild members to defeat as many of the waves of Creeps as possible.

Earning Rewards

Make sure to contribute at least one attack to the Surge each day. You’ll earn participation rewards for the Surge and for your daily quest. Participants earn Surge Tokens to spend in the Surge Shop.

Rules & Limits

Hero Limits

Each hero can fight only once per day in the Creep Surge. Unlock and upgrade more heroes to help your guild!


You can hire one Mercenary per attack in the Creep Surge. Hiring a merc costs gold.

Start & End Times

Surges run from 8am to 12am in your guild time zone (shown on the guild screen). Guild leaders can change this time zone.


Guild officers can set Surge difficulty in guild settings. Increasing difficulty increases both the rewards and the waves needed to be cleared.

Scoring & Rewards

Regions and Waves

Surge difficulty sets the number of waves the guild needs to clear, from 3 all the way up to 15.
Each wave requires clearing any 4 of the 6 regions on the city. Clearing a region means defeating all the creeps in each of its districts. Note that some regions have more districts than others!


At the end of the Surge, everyone in the guild who participated gets 10 Surge Tokens for each region cleared. The guild also receives 1000 Influence for each region cleared. If the guild clears ALL of the waves before time runs out, everyone who participates also gets an extra 50 Tokens. The guild gets an extra 5000 Influence.

Daily Quest

Make 1 attack/day to earn another 100 Surge Tokens from your daily quest. Your guild will also get 100 Influence.

Participate to Earn Rewards

Remember that only guild members who particpate in the Creep Surge earn rewards!


Recommended Attack

When in doubt, look for the gold star. It identifies a creep lineup that makes the most sense to attack, based both on which regions your guild is clearing and which heroes you have remaining.

Change Difficulty

If a Surge is too hard or easy, ask your guild leader to change difficulty.

Less Is More

The key to clearing lots of creeps is only using the minimum force needed to win a battle. You will often want to use less than 5 heroes and/or weaker heroes than normal.


Check the Surge’s “Guild Ranks” to see how everyone is doing. Talk with your guild… make sure they’re pulling their weight!


Gold to hire mercs? You guys didn’t do this in DS or Pq. Gold is hard enough to come by. Get rid of the cost for surge mercs


Merc timers also need to be lowered. 16 hours to hire a merc in a 12 hour surge is way too long.


I’ve got some terrible memory, but I’ve been noticing the same mercs being unavailable in Surge & City Watch? Can someone confirm this? @Etesian? Are the two modes really sharing cooldowns? Because if they are, that mechanic’s gotta go!

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@Etesian surge and merc board need major help.


Thanks for your feedback guys!

@Etesian The in-game text lists this bonus as 30 Tokens.

So there’s a debate in my guild does defeating higher power districts grant higher rewards assuming the same overall surge difficulty?

As far as I can tell no. The only real advantage to the more difficult districts is to maximize efficiency in clearing surge. Region 3 has 6 districts to clear, while Region 1 and 2 have 4 and 5 respectively. With strong enough players, regions 1and 2 can be cleared out with less heroes used than clearing region 3.

Minimum districts per wave: 16 (region 1, 4, 5 and 6)
Maximum districts per wave: 19 ( region 2, 3 and any other two regions)

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