Creep surge perks ideas

as the creep surge is becoming more and more hard with the new heroes and some heroes as elsa, more mainly with zeus equipped with hades disk, i think some helpful perks can reduce a little the difficulty for the players,

some perks as give in the starting seconds (15 to 20 seconds) immunity to stuns, freezings, silence and others disables, a perk can give too some seconds and randomly reflect and/or invincible, because the heroes as zeus with hades disk allow to hit so many damage killing the player team in the first seconds of the battle, and is more hard when is a full team with Zeus, angel, Ian and Elsa,

i see the guild contest coins no have more uses, why no have new perks page with guild coins and contests guild coins with this perks ideas for reduce a little the broken difficulty?

i remember the yellow ranks is coming for the servers 21 to 24 coming soon and this rank can made the creep surge and city watch impossible to win for the players cant upgrade so fast the heroes to yellow rank because only 1 badge of the last 4 ranks to the maximus ranks takes 7000-14000 of stamina PER hero and without campaign x2 event,

for no create other post about creep surge i reply here, in case no get answer i create a new post and i delete this reply,

yes no is possible give these goods perks, why no remove all the modifiers, friend disk and collection levels of the NPC heroes in the creep surge and city watch? i no stop saying the creep surge and city watch is becoming more and more hard to win a battle because Zeus with hades disk combined with Ian or Mary sanderson with her Hex starting Debuff of the friend Disk can destroy me all my team in 3 seconds, is impossible continue playing those areas with that horrible difficult,

please no ignore this is a serious problem in the difficult of the game,

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