Creeps as Heroes

Woudn’t it be funny if we can use Creeps as heroes? I know we can charm creeps. But what if there wad a way to creeps to become heroes… permanently. I think it would be fun to put creeps on the roster such as:

:black_small_square:Purrickely Pear
and more

What are your thoughts?


They’d be the weakest heroes in the game…


No, just no. Creeps for avatars is Probably the closest thing will get

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I think that a hero who can summon creeps would be cool. Maybe a tank, who can summon brutes or skeletons in front of themselves? :thinking:

Like… the Inventor? He could the last character to be added to the roster.

That thought has occurred to me, but idk. Maybe the Horned King could summon the skeletons.


Not a bad idea and certainly wouldn’t mind, but would slip away from the game’s main focus and core.
The closest thing pb could make is a second mode, playing the heist backwards by helping the thief steal all valuables.


Yeah that won’t be so bad like just imagine it it would be so much fun but only if PB does it

What about the thieves? They would do us some good

Maybe not necropost next time, guys?

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