Creeps as Heroes

Woudn’t it be funny if we can use Creeps as heroes? I know we can charm creeps. But what if there wad a way to creeps to become heroes… permanently. I think it would be fun to put creeps on the roster such as:

:black_small_square:Purrickely Pear
and more

What are your thoughts?


They’d be the weakest heroes in the game…


No, just no. Creeps for avatars is Probably the closest thing will get

I think that a hero who can summon creeps would be cool. Maybe a tank, who can summon brutes or skeletons in front of themselves? :thinking:

Like… the Inventor? He could the last character to be added to the roster.

That thought has occurred to me, but idk. Maybe the Horned King could summon the skeletons.


Not a bad idea and certainly wouldn’t mind, but would slip away from the game’s main focus and core.
The closest thing pb could make is a second mode, playing the heist backwards by helping the thief steal all valuables.

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