Cricket Green Hero Concept

Cricket Green, :star:, Midline, Support.

Team Trial: Blue
Quote: “Hi! We’re your new neighbors! I’m Cricket, Cricket Green.”
Entrance: Cricket rides a pig into the battlefield.
Victory: he jumps up and down
Defeat: he stomps madly.
Basic Attack: Cricket throws a football at the enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Dirt Fight!
Cricket will throw dirt at enemies, dealing X damage.

Green Skill: The Frog in The Overalls
Cricket’s Frog will jump around the enemy, dealing X damage.

Blue Skill: Splish Sip
Cricket will drink a Splish, healing random amounts.

Purple Skill: Muddier Dirt
Cricket’s Dirt Fight attack is able to do x2 more damage.

Red Skill: Hoppier Frog
Cricket’s frog is able to do x4 more damage than usual, but will usually do 2 or 3 times more damage.

Friendship 1: Cricket/ Mad Hatter
Delicious Drink
Cricket’s Splish will do x2 more healing.

Friendship 2: Cricket/Anger
Football Foul
Cricket’s football attack can now do up to x3 more damage.

If you enjoyed this, i don’t know how, but good job :confused:


This is not flaming garbage it’s a more possible hero concept

Hi friend nice hero concept

Great concept, can you do the other characters?

sure! i’ll do gramma next

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