Crit on studied/scared enemies

The description in the game says that there’s a chance to super crit when a hero’s crit status is above 100 more than a enemy’s level. But how about super critting on a studied/scared enemy? Can a hero super crit on them with less crit status if they’re studied/scared?
Let’s say my hero has 150 crit status and the enemy level is 100. In this situation, the hero has 50 % of crit chance, right?
Then the hero studies/scares the enemy, and now the hero can crit 100%.
Since study and scare guarantee 100% of crit, they can be treated as the buffs that increase hero’s crit status as same amount as the enemy’s level(in the example, now the hero has 250 crit status).
If this is correct, the hero now should be performing super crit at 50% because they virtually have 250 crit status thanks to study/scare.
Am I correct? Or they just guarantee 100% of crit and have nothing to do with super crit?

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That’s right, scares and studies only guarantee that they will always be critic. Super critic can only happen if you meet the required requirements, which are to have a 100% higher normal / fantastic critic damage level.

Or that some skill, friendship disk says otherwise. Example of this, the Robin Hood disk with Nick that provides a 100% chance of making the studied enemies super critic. Or Elasticgirl’s red ability that provides supercritics whenever she attacks a slowed one

Thanks a lot!
Yeah, I have Robin&Nick disk but it takes so much time to max it out, so I was looking for easier way to super crit.

The quickest and easiest way to make your hero supercritical is by equipping him with basic damage mods and normal / fantastic critical buffs and having at least a total over 100 of the target level.

Thanks again.I’ll try that.

Following up on what @Samaxade asked in this post. Didnt really get any clarity on how a scared/studied enemy works regarding super crits. They explained it perfectly well in their question, just wondering what the answer is.

Mainly wondering because I can throw a fantastic crit mod on Oogie Boogie, but what is the point if hes on a scare team? He will always crit even with 0 fantastic crit if you cant stack. But if his crit chance is high and that DOES translate to super crit, then it would be worth while.

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