Crossover ideas

I think the best part about this game is that this a crossover. An actual crossover not franchise being in their own personal bubble while Mickey and friends do the crossovering. So many characters interacting with each other and living with each other in harmony (for the most part). This idea is what keeps me in the game.

Which gives me an idea. What other crossovers can we concoct. So i will give you the title of a movie and let see how many crossover ideas we can come up with.

(If anyone says Mickey and friend will be disqualified from the round, we have enough Mickey Mouse crossovers to last a life-time)

Alice in Wonderland

Sleeping beauty and Alice in wonderland, Aurora can end up cursed again into eternal slumber and end up in Wonderland in a dream.

You were meant to use Alice in Wonderland :man_facepalming:.


Aside from me wanting to see you do one yourself, how about Alice and Wonderland and Peter Pan?

Alice pays a visit to the Neverlands, thanks to Peter Pan, and we get to watch her explore Peter’s world.


Alice and mr. Toad

Alice would fit with every foreign world, so…

Yeah, except treasure planet, Atlantis, 101 Dalmatians and Incredibles

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I can name a few we have gotten: Alice in wonderland, Snow White, wizard of oz, tangled, anything that is in this game, anything in the Disney parks, who framed roger rabbit, the lion king, song of the south, Cinderella, muppets, the adventures of icabod and mr toad. So literally almost everything Disney Mickey has met or lived the adventure of Disney movies

That’s exactly my point.

Or Aurora could be simply taking a nap.

Movie 2


Tangled. Because, reasons.

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Frozen, princess and the frog, because

Frozen, Tarzan, and Tangled. There are some theories that Elsa, Anna, Tarzan, and Rapunzel are all related and we need confirmation.


It is related
As is princess and the frog

But there is very faulty reasoning behind Tarzan, heck the parents in frozen don’t look like the ones from tarzan and it takes place in different centuries


Very true

( 10 )

The Jungle Book

Jungle book and lion king

Jungle Book and Talespin. It’ll be kinda funny

Animated Jungle Book and Live Action Jungle Book!

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