Curious, number of tier rewards for invasion

Hi all,

Just curious, with the recent patch update, I’ve noticed the number of reward tiers have gone down on my server (server 14) to just 29. While a few weeks ago, reward tiers were like in the mid 30s. Any other servers out there have this experience???

Fyi: The screenshot is from last week’s Invasion

If somebody can screenshot their reward tiers for their current Invasion this week, that would be awesome :grin:

Server 3 here. we had 29 tiers for a long time but last week (and this week as well) we went up to 37.

I assume older servers have more tiers because you guys have more mods and have more levels. Quite frankly I am a disappointed that a bunch of my mods are stuck on a certain level, as the tier rewards are not giving out the MOD part that I need. (Square/Circle/ Diamond MODs in their respective colors). I guess I have to wait until my server gets to O7 badges…sigh

Server 4 also has 37, it’s a nightmare to get all the rewards!
Also how you put server 3 here is like Eurovision, when they’re like hello Vienna this is Belgium calling may we have your votes please
Yes I am that sad :rofl:

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We’re up to tier 41 on S1.

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Mind posting or sending me PM of the tier rewards past 30?

Invasion for me goes up to 30 right now. But it can go up pretty high

Server 4…

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Thanks @Feisty_Merida!
On S4 we have tier rewards to 36, I’m particularly interested in the tiers from S1 36-41; but to see what other changes they may have made I would appreciate from 30-41.

36 didn’t fit in the screenshot, but it’s just mod power and XP potions for the reward.


Ok, there are some differences in 30+ from the other screenshots posted here, so here’s 30+.


waah! Tier 41 what the heck! wow! We’re up to tier 36 on S5.

Yeah, if I remember correctly, I think it was somewhere close to 465,000 points to reach tier 41. Invasion is becoming a full time job.


That’s a lot of tiers! It’s hard enough making it to Tier 30! But those rewards are pretty nice!

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The rewards are nice but granted more time is needed to do so. I had trouble getting up to the 30s but this is fairly higher than what people can do with a half active guild or just not enough strength to push your tiers higher. It has become quite a challenge.

Question for you guys: are the rewards from Invasion give you all the necessary parts/upgrades for your MODS. Lately I am without the upgrade parts to go above +3