Current #1 and #4 arena rules don't synergize well after change

Okay, so we got a sneak peak on what the rules will be on the next arena/coli season. Then, the season started with a change on the first rule.
Will the rest of the rules remain the same or will they change as well?
Because, IF they remain the same then during week 4, both normal and true damage will have no effect. So, especially for those achieving division 1, the only point system that will matter will be the Team power difference one. Everyone will get the maximum of fantastic points, without having to use their brains, just because normal and true damage will be out of the picture.
As a result, the winner and the rankings will be decided ONLY by the team power difference point system.
Is this what’s gonna happen or will the following weeks’ rules be changed too?

Long story short, rules #1 & #4 make the first fight point bonus redudant, so people will only be fighting for ONE fight point bonus (the Team power difference one which just favours people that have everything maxed disc, mods etc). Could this be changed because it doesn’t make any sense this way? Thank you :slight_smile:


That is all true!

Week 4 rule needs to be changed.
It would be nice to change it for the freezing fog rule, or one or two rules from event trials, they have so many fun rules which are only used in trials while arena/coli keeps repeating the same rules for 3 years.


Thank you!! :pray:

@TheGrillFather Have you had a chance to look at this yet? (IMHO, the best solution would be to change the first rule to something unrelated to damage type, say the rule that deactivates disks or the one that starts everyone sapped, and have that change take place when the second week starts; I know that’s been done before.)

Please, can we at least get a reply on this thread? I don’t think rule #1 and #4 should exist at the same time with these fight points bonuses!

The fact that arena and coli have had the more power rule for every season creating a huge pay to win advantage is already annoying to many players. Would love to see rule 4 changed for the season and see the power rule eliminated to create an equal playing advantage to all. Arena and Coli used to have a variety of rules and scoring options that didn’t involve having more power than your opponents.


@TheGrillFather can we at least get an answer on that please? :confused:

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