Daily Event Time Change?

Today’s daily event (Bonus Stamina Buy) has just released 6 minutes ago, at 10am CT.

For the longest time they have been released at 4am CT, which was great since it gave US and EU players an early start so we didn’t have to worry about saving our tasks for the afternoon.

Now it’s 4pm in the UK, my tasks are mostly done and we have a bonus stamina buy event released.
That’s not cool!

Why the change? Is it just a bug or a one-off? I very much hope so as I do like to play the game in the morning :frowning:


A few month ago, we had some daily events start at different time. But that was just one-time thing

And now, the history repeats itself

So, the daily events will start randomly or what? I hope not. Because if that’s the case, it’d be way too hard for me to play the game, knowing that I may have a chance missing them

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S5 got the 80% gold buff yesterday after the merger at 6PM UK time.

That’s more understandable with the server having been down for most of the day - I don’t see a reason to have changed it on other servers, though. I’m hoping it’s just a knock-on effect of the scheduling from the merge and will be back to normal soon… @Polaris ?

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Yesss… please @Polaris … go back to starting the events the time they uses to start before… people have lives… jobs, college etc… it is very hard to play only in the afternoon

This was a one-off error that shouldn’t happen on a regular basis. We do try to get the events up and running as close as possible to the daily reset for players, but this one wasn’t set up correctly to hit that window.


Ok, that’s good news :slight_smile: thanks!

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