Daisy Duck Character Concept

Quote: “Oh, Minnie, I Just Love Shopping.”
Stars: :star::star:
Entrance: Daisy Walks into the Battlefield.
Victory: Daisy Puts a Flower on Her Head.
Defeat: Daisy Sits on the Ground Looking Sad.
White: Best Friends Forever Daisy Grabs Minnie for Best Friend Pictures.
Green: Flower Power Daisy Throws Daisies at All Enemies.
Blue: Bows and Flowers Daisy Throws Bows and Flowers at All The Enemies.
Purple: Ducks and Mice Daisy Makes Pretty Flowers, and Her Best Friend’s Bow.
Red: Boy and Girl Duck
Friendships: Daisy and Minnie: BFF Daisy and Donald: Let’s Go Sailing

What does it do?

Does it deal damage or something? (Same with blue skill)

Purple skills don’t give a new animation, and what does it do?

Weird skill name, and what does it do?

And is Minnie and Daisy a duo because they seem to be paired in some skills but this is only a Daisy concept right? But this concept is not bad.

It is good.

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