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Daisy Duck

Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Red

Entrance: Daisy Duck walks towards her position while spraying perfume on her, when she ends walking she hides her perfume into the bag.
Victory: Daisy Duck blushes and smiles, and then winks a few times.
Defeat: Daisy Duck gets mad, and throws away her bag.

Quote: “I don’t like magic anymore. I wanna go shopping!”

Basic Attack: Daisy Duck spins her bag which in affect hits the closest enemies

White skill: The Spotlight!
Spotlight shines up Daisy Duck for 10 seconds, while under spotlight Daisy Duck heals X HP every 1 second and whenever she receives damage, Armor and Reality is increased by 200%, and her attack and movement speed is increased by 100%.

Green Skill: On Heels :fist:t2:
Daisy Duck kicks nearest enemies, dealing X damage, stunning them for 10 seconds, and applying 5 stacks of Fatigue on them.

While under Spotlight area of effect of this skill is 50% larger and the kick will always be Super Crit.

Blue Skill: Romantic Kiss
Daisy Duck sends a kiss to an enemy with the highest Basic Damage, charming them for 10 seconds. This charm cannot be dodged or evaded and the duration is not reduced by tenacity.

While under Spotlight Daisy Duck charms another Unit for 6 seconds, and Daisy Duck gains X Skill Power for the remainder of the wave.

Purple Skill: The Diva
Daisy Duck is now immune to all negative effects.

Daisy Duck has a 100% chance to duplicate all gained Hardy stacks on herself and instead of keeping them she sends them to an ally with the least number of Hardy stacks.

The Hardy stack duplication has a chance to fail if the source of Hardy stacks is above level X.

Red Skill: Romance and Love
Daisy Duck gains 100 energy whenever she blocks a negative effect.

Daisy Duck is immune to critical hits while under Spotlight, and her Armor and Reality is increased by X whenever she uses ‘‘On Heels’’ and ‘‘Romantic Kiss’’.

The energy gained is less effective against enemies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Reality


Donald Duck - Romantic Date
Daisy and Donald go for a date but they find it difficult to find a perfect spot to spend the afternoon.

Shorter Skill Cooldowns under Spotlight

  • +X HP
  • +X SP
  • ‘‘The Spotlight!’’ heals an additional X HP
  • Daisy Duck’s Skill Cooldowns are reduced by 8% while she is under Spotlight (+8% per star)

Violet - Date 101
Daisy gives Violet lessons on how to make a perfect date (with Tony).

Team Buffs from '‘The Spotlight!’'

  • +X BD to Daisy Duck and allies
  • +X SP to Daisy Duck and allies
  • While ‘‘The Spotlight!’’ is active allies also heals 20% of what Daisy Duck is healed (+20% per star)
  • While ‘‘The Spotlight!’’ is active allies’ Armor and Reality is increased by 25% (+25% per star)
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