Dan vs......creeps?!?!

Dan(from dan vs)
3 star, frontline, control


Bio:known for his short temper and knack of trying to get revenge, dan unleashes his temper onto the enemies

Quote:“there’s an old saying 'revenge is a dish best served immediately!”

Basic attack:punches a enemy

Entrance:stomps in angrily

Victory:does a fist pump

Defeat:rages and stomps his feet on the ground


White:revenge against…

You choose which enemy that dan will point at with rage which increases his attack power by 10 and also scares the enemy chosen for x seconds

Green:kitty love

Dan hugs his pet kitten mr mumbles which heals dan for x amount

Blue:you will pay!!!

When a enemy trys to hit dan…he will get mad and tussle with the enemy that hit him which instantly ko’s that enemy under x health

Purple:short fuse

Dan gives his allies 25% more attack power for everytime he uses his “revenge against…” Skill


Sweet payback

Dan and anger gets pranked by dash which leads to the two to plot revenge on him

Dan gains x armor and reality when he attacks a scared enemy

Little lost kitty

Mr mumbles has gone missing and dan does not know many people with cat experience…except for princess jasmine

Dans “kitty love” skill now can charm the nearest two enemies for x seconds

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Not bad, but what show does he come from?

Gaston doesn’t seem like the pranking type. Perhaps dash or vanellope.

A tv show called dan vs…its basically a show about a short tempered guy who takes revenge on anyone or anything that he believes did him wrong

(Expecting some sort of sin counter for this concept…or not)

Is he actually nice after all?

…he has a short temper much like anger so yeah…not really

I see

10 characters

Oof we should expect a sin counter for just speaking @The-captain-gingerbread eventually it is very likely Forums has had a huge down fall

…well then

Yea it’s sad

So he is an unlikey character?

(Waiting for a sin counter for this)

Wow still no sin counter well I guess @Filadae_Djaq is getting sloppy and not doing sin counters as fast lol

You want a sin counter?

  • No spaces after punctuations (+10)
  • No capitalization on proper nouns (+10)
  • “a enemy” (+1)
  • Attack speed increases by 10? (+1)
  • X Seconds… (+2)
  • X amount of what? (+1)
  • “a enemy” (+1)
  • “You will pay” Skill doesn’t make much sense (+1)
  • No variable in Purple Skill (+1)
  • No way his Anger disk can use memories (+1)
  • X seconds (+1)
  • No way memories could evolve that disk (+1)

Sin Counter: 31

“You need modifications…”

Wow the sin counter thing worked @The-captain-gingerbread

Now this is getting real good

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This topic is dead

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Is that all you say now

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