Danny Phantom

His skills would be, 1. Going Ghost, where he goes Ghost and flies down and rises beneath the foes damaging them. 2. Ghostly Wail, he shouts causing a wave of sound stunning the foes and knocking them back. 3. Ghost Ray, Danny launches a beam at an enemy causing at level 1, 150 Fantastic Damage. 4. Ghost Sense, Danny counters the enemy by going intangible and attacks the enemy from behind them dealing 95 normal damage at level 1. 5. Ecto Control, Danny uses a shield to upgrade his and his allies, a sword for increasing attack of each kind, and boots for speed.
Quote: You don’t have to trust me, just fight alongside me.
Friendships: Jack Skellington with friend mission being ‘Supernatural Alliance’, Kim Possible with friend mission being ‘Mission Ghost’, Negaduck with friend mission being ‘Enemies at first glance’ and finally Ian Lightfoot with friend mission being 'Spiritual Magic’s.
Stars: 1 or 2 stars maybe 2
How to obtain: Like other 2 stars
Badges needed: Random.

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Okay sorry the friendship mission names might be cringe.

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