Dante’s invincibility skill is unremovable

Guys, I don’t know about this, but I’m starting to feel that Dante may need to be nerfed.

His invincibility is unremovable, and his blue skill does too much damage. I can barely defeat him, but just defeated him at the port at the latest difficulty, with this team.

Any way that I can deal with him since his invincibility is unremovable? :confused:

Feedback is appreciated.

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The only way to defeat Dante is outstanding him. You might need more reflectors, invincible characters and Joy to prevent Dante from removing your buffs. When his purple expires, he will become vulnerable to characters with refreshed stats. You already have Ian in your team, he is a good pick.


I’ll consider this. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No absolutely not. Just like any toon in the game you can counter it. If you can turn auto off to reduce the amount of damage you’re doing to dante.

And if the invincibility was removal his purple would be useless as everyone would just remove at the start.

Regardless of how hard a toon is to counter nerfs aren’t needed unless it makes something impossible (for example the pooh and fairy godmother patch on the patch trials making it impossible to 3 star the stage) but even with that the nerf wasn’t the only option

People need to stop asking for nerfs as when they happen the toon is never balanced (Zeus for example his white Just barely does 1 billion. But shegos does over 1 trillion 12 times with red skill unlock)

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As people have said reflectors and invincibility helps. I have also noticed that tron is helpful once his purple expires. I haven’t tested but Ariels Gerald disk could be very helpful

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