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Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Mid
Team: Yellow

Entrance: Dante walks towards his position.
Victory: Dante barks happily. As alebrije: Dante spin flies once.
Defeat: Dante becomes sad.

Quote: “Bark.’’

White skill: Spirit Guide
Passive: At the start of the battle, the player chooses an ally to link with Dante. Linked ally receives X Max HP, 20% Conservation, and a 55% damage reduction from all sources as long as Dante is alive. Instead of basic attacks, Dante heals his linked ally for X HP.
On Auto, Dante links with the ally with the lowest HP.

Active: Dante wags his tail, healing everyone for X HP, removes all negative effects, and additionally grants linked ally 500 energy and 5 stacks of Hardy.

Green skill: Bone Found
Dante finds a bone and eats it, healing himself for X HP and granting himself 40% damage reduction from all sources for the next 8 seconds.

Blue skill: Alebrije Entry
Once per wave when Dante is KO’d he returns after 5 seconds as an Alebrije.

In Alebrije form, Dante’s passive and skills are 50% more effective and the linked ally’s skill cooldowns are reduced by 3 seconds for the remainder of the wave.
While reviving, the link stays on the ally.

The increased skill effectiveness has a chance to fail if Dante is above level X.

Purple skill: Loyal Dog
The linked ally now receives a bonus of 20% Armor and Reality whenever they use one of their own skills.

The bonus Armor and Reality are reduced on the allies above level X.

Red skill: The Accompaniment
‘‘Spirit Guide’’ grants extra 3 Hardy stacks to the linked ally and bonus 2 hardy stacks to everyone else.

Dante’s linked ally’s buffs are unremovable. Dante and the linked ally generate 100 energy every 2 seconds.

The energy generation is reduced on the allies above level X.

Additional stat boosts:


Rafiki - Help is Coming

Stronger Link

  • +X HP
  • +X Armor and Reality to Dante and allies
  • Linked ally’s Basic Damage and Skill Power are increased by 30% (+30% per star)
  • Linked ally’s Attack and Movement Speed are increased passively by 15% (+15% per star)

Jack Skellington - Bunch of Bones

Boosting Secondary Stats

  • +X SP to Dante and allies
  • Dante’s Passive additionally heals one extra ally
  • When ally’s secondary stats are below their hero level the stats will be increased by 20% of their hero level and by an additional 10 (+20% and +10 per star)
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