Darkwing duck availability

I know he has been released on some servers but is he still availaible to aquire through any methods ? I just recently joined and was hoping to get him

Server 1-8

I’m on 18 does this mean I can not get him ?

Yes (10 letters)


Switching to server 1-8 will give you many more character options

How do I switch server with out creating a new account ?

Ypu cannot get hi.yet, he will be available on your server eventually.

Welcome to the forums buddy! You’ve tried to get the capped duck try another server if you don’t want to make another account lie it’s your first account seriously it’ll grow on you😜 or wait for an update!!

So I just joined (purely for Darkwing) but he is diamond box exclusive. Will he ever be able to get another way or only diamond box?

Yeah. Just leave the server for server 1

That’s sad. I don’t want to loose all my progress.

He’s in sever 19 now

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