Darkwing is destroying my team

I’m trying to complete Drakken’s campaign with Gizmoduck, but that annoying Darkwing is going invisible too many times and gets reflect too many times. None of my heroes have Precise that can target Darkwing while invisible. Maybe @Loutre can replace Rocketeer with a hero that targets invisible like Jumba or Cheshire Cat. I tried using Darkken’s silence, but it didn’t silence Darkwing’s green skill. Can someone help me out with this situation, or is a bug?

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You just have to manually fight it…

Leveling up your heros should help, as Darkwing’s invisibility has a fail chance. The higher level your heros are, the less likely he is to go invisible. I’ve had to do this a couple times when dealing with DW in friend campaigns.

I remember that campaign. It was annoying af.
What I did was use Drakken’s white skill after Darkwing got his reflect… To delay Drakken from autoattacking him and killing himself until reflect was gone. It’s hard to do but it eventually somehow worked. Also try to level up and power up. That always works

U can try going for Kim’s disk as it can silence anyone with more than 50% HP (minimum would be to hold it down for at least 10 seconds, since that is the cool down duration), improve his white and green skill (charm will temporarily stop him from attacking u).

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