David Xanatos Hero Concept

David Xanatos

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Stats and Information

Role - Damage

Trial Team - Blue

Position - Mid

Stars At Beginning - 1

Quote - “Pay a man enough and he’ll walk barefoot into hell.

Bio - Xanatos is insanely rich, smart, powerful, and cunning. He’ll use these traits for good instead of evil and help take out all enemies in his path.


Entrance - Xanatos strides into battle

Victory - Xanatos grins

Defeat - Xanatos gets blown backwards off screen

Basic Attack - Xanatos kicks at the closest enemy


White Skill - Steel Clan Robot (True Damage)
Passive: At the beginning of each wave Xanatos calls a steel clan robot into battle. The robot has x max hp and deals x true damage with its own attack. Steel clan robots sap each enemy hit with their attack for 2 seconds. Xanatos gains x reality every 5 seconds for each Steel clan robot he has summoned.

Active: Xanatos dons his Steel clan robot suit for a few seconds healing him x, granting him x armor, and granting him a 15 second shield with x hp. Xanatos also summons 2 steel clan robots.

Green Skill - Coyote Suit (Fantastic Damage)
Xanatos wears his coyote suit for a few seconds granting him 2 stacks of hardy. He then sends out a sonar blast dealing x damage to all enemies 3 times and stunning all enemies for 9 seconds. Tank role enemies are knocked back.

Blue Skill- Genius Scientist (Normal Damage)
At the beginning of each wave the player chooses an ally for Xanatos to experiment on. If the battle is on auto a random ally is chosen. The ally gains 500 energy at the beginning of the wave. 15 seconds into battle Xanatos clones this ally dealing x normal damage to them. The new clone of the ally has 60% of the original allies max hp and starts with 100% hp.

Purple Skill Head Honcho
If the clone ally is defeated the original ally, if still alive, gains x max hp and x skill power. Xanatos gains x max hp and x basic damage.

Red Skill- Malicious Millionaire
Steel Clan Robot” now cleanses all steel clan robots in battle. Xanatos and one steel clan robot also gain invincibility for 8 seconds after using “Steel Clan Robot”.

At the beginning of each wave Xanatos gains 3 stacks of hardy.

Genius Scientist” now grants the original ally reflect for 9 seconds after they are cloned.

  • x skill power
  • x tenacity
  • x evasion


Xanatos and Demona
Name - 2 Versus 1

Description - Steel Clan robots are berserk

Stars - Steel Clan robots are berserk for x seconds after they are summoned.


  • +x Max hp to Xanatos and steel clan robots
  • +x basic damage

Xanatos and Kevin Flynn
Name - Brilliant Minds

Description - Less damage dealt on "Genius Scientist"

Stars - The original ally is dealt x% less damage on "Genius Scientist".


  • +x Max hp
  • +x skill power
  • +x basic damage to Blue team allies

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Great concept!! I would really love to see Xanatos in the game at some point!! I think he could have some interesting friendships. I can imagine with him being a billionaire, that he would probably set his sights on Fred from Big hero 6 due to his family’s wealth! But Kevin Flynn is also a great choice too!!

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Thanks. I’d love to see any Gargoyles characters. It’s honestly my favorite old school Disney show. I also love we both posted Gargoyles concepts on the same day.

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