Dead meme hero concepts

This category of hero concepts are baced on dead memes

And next is I’m meen


I.m. Meen 2 star hero

Position middle

Entrance walks to his position who’ll warring sun glasses

Victory image

Defeat image and disappears after finishing the line

Basic attack fires a blast of magic

White skill the magic laberinth of i.m. Meen : he throws his magic book to trap an opponent for 5 seconds and damage them while being in thare ( like in the into of i.m.meen

Green skill how I hate : he points at an opponent and while the opponent is targeted it will tack extra damage

Blue skill magical in counter: for the start of the wave he turns invisible for 7 seconds

Perple skill evil laughter: when an opponent gets a good effect it will turn it in to a bad one

Red skill the most powerful magician in the world : all skills and attacks are 15% more powerful


I.m. Meen /Merlin

Item is magic book shelf
The lberinth can capture 2 opponents

Next is the king

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