Dear Perblu

Okay so I’m sure you are aware a lot of people are getting upset and even more are quiting. We are constantly losing guild members every month because they can not keep up with these updates. Not because they don’t love trying out new characters but because unless we are pouring a fortune into this game it’s impossible to keep up! Our daily stamina vs the price of creating 1 badge is no where near close! Even with double drops activated I was only able to level up 3 characters with the stamina x66 +10% deal of 398. And not level them up from white to orange but from orange 1 to 5. I use to be able to level up all my guys with your stamina deals and double drops. Now it’s impossible. Please fill this gap! The price we are putting out to just keep up is insane. I could of bought a new game system with the amount of money I would have to spend just to keep up. If this keeps up you are going to lose more and more players which I know is not what you want. Thanks for listening!


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It’s been like this when perblu removed stackable deals and doesn’t care what 99% of players suggesting to slow down level cap and new rank, focus on balancing characters and features instead of rushing to release new characters. What Perblu is doing? Instead of listening to what 99% of players suggested, they only see what 1% of whales’ $$ and doing the opposite, keep increase level cap and rank, keep releasing new characters and doesn’t balancing them end up most of them are overpowered and old characters became useless, only whales willing to pay huge amount of money to get all new released characters to max within just few hours, so what makes you think they will do anything with this feedback?


I guess your right. Eventually us 99% will delete it. Then their 1% will stand a lone. Maybe then they’ll listen

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Haha. 1.8k stamina for badge is so much?
Later it costs 10k stamina for a badge.

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Agreed. I’ve spent soo much money over the past 12 months & for some reason ; the more you spend ; the worse /less items & value present.

VIP RINGS/CRATES take too much money and effort for progressing ( unless you’re comsyantly spending $79. 99 + above on the special hero MOD packs /or on having to open NUMOUROUS x10 diamond crates being the only way to try your luck , unlocking a rare /new hero :sleepy::roll_eyes::unamused:

• VIP RINGS - progress to level up for greater rewards ; is over - extreme, and takes too long when you’re not buying $80-150 in game purchases throughout the week. :weary:

** it’s honestly frustrating and kinda insane how : the more money us players spend ; the less we get looked after … the deals get soo bad that I don’t even look at them half the time anymore … I don’t remember the last time I had a $4.95 deal pop up … :unamused::roll_eyes:

let alone , be jammed with BULK EVERYTHING (30 Hero chips / Stamina/ Diamons /Mods Etc)

  • the theorem /surveys are goood to give people the chance to earn , however … there needs to be more incentive to keep players playing & not spending their fortnightly wage , trying to keep up…


:bulb::warning::interrobang: [ Rewarding ] :gem: :handbag: :battery:
For all DHBM players:

  • Engaging in perblue POLLS

  • Reporting Bugs+Game Suggestions

  • Upcoming Hero Suggestions & design /costume peice /
    names of skill set & create a visual character Concept etc . (engage with your customers/game players… give them a chance to have a say , and potentially make history within the game and their experience playing it (if a favoured design /hero idea is picked )…

  • another thing about ‘earning diamonds from the surveys’, in videos /diamonds purchasing section … is that there’s rarely ever any available or suited for people … there needs to be another option to earn in game currency because people are getting bored of spending big and /or not being able to progress until the next daily reset .

possibly adding in some accessible tasks eg:-

• (downloading a free Disney /or any free app & run it for 30 seconds
• on app/playstore write a review on the app.
• watch a 40 second video - earn rewards.
• for 30 seconds watch a 30

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I agree with you. But I think there are more important factors.

I want Perblue to invite more new players because it refteshes game itself and everyone dont feel you are left away alone.
Nowadays I have seen few new players who are younger than me, relly I saw 220-day-aged player only once(on server15).
The reason why is lack of easiness to enjoy playing, repeatedly-lowered rewards(contest, invasion,…), and increased difficultie(trials, invasion, contest…). All these factors allows pay-to-win players to survive. Who could enjoy such situation .

I say again, I want Perblue to invite more new players.

No new players… so much gap… and needs so much cash… T.T

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