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Death (Castlevania)

2-Star Backline Damage

“Now, I will extinguish the candle of your soul!”

Basic Attack: Sickles appear to attack enemies

(Soma Cruz with Death’s soul equipped)

Entrance: Death fades into view, and pulls out his scythe
Victory: The scythe disappears, and a soul floats in his hand
Defeat: He silently fades from view

White: Take my Power!

Death lends his power to the frontmost ally, giving them 50% of his Basic Damage and Skill Power for 6 seconds.

Death is invincible during this time. Allies above level X receive a reduced effect.

Green: Deathscythe


(BD Growth - Normal Damage)

Death throws his scythe, dealing X damage to hit enemies.

Blue: Soul Steal

Whenever an enemy is defeated, Death reaps their soul, gaining X Basic Damage and 100 energy.

This has a reduced effect on enemies over level X.

Purple: Grim Reaper

“Soul Steal” can target allies. Ally souls grant Death twice the effect, and deal X true damage to the enemy who defeated them.



“Land of the Dead”
Death overhears Miguel talking about the land of the dead, which piques his curiosity.

+X Basic Damage whenever an ally falls to 0 HP
Allies that revive gain 10*S% attack damage after they first reach 0 HP


Stitch notices Death searching for Dracula, and tries to comfort him.

“Deathscythe” deals X additional damage over 3 seconds
When Death takes damage, he gains 5*S% of lost HP as Basic Damage


  • Death is second in command as Dracula’s servant, and is very loyal to his master.
    ++ In games such as Portrait of Ruin where Dracula is not initially resurrected, Death wanders the castle searching for him.

  • Though he appears as a boss in Aria/Dawn of Sorrow, he is irrelevant to the plot as Dracula is permanently dead and Soma rejects becoming the next Dark Lord.

  • In Curse of Darkness, he disguises himself as a priest named Zead.

  • Despite Alucard being Dracula’s son, Death is still fought in Symphony of the Night.

Admittedly, the pictures take some imagination. There aren’t many good Castlevania gifs. :confused:

Credit to for some of the information in the trivia.


I’m interested to hear @Champion_David’s opinion, as he’s known for his Soul Keeper concept.



I was thinking the very same thing.

@Champion_David could use this picture in the FK for RP



As to the overall concept, interesting. The first picture, is not really my idea of the SK.

But it he does.look cool all the same. :grin:


Everytime we find a cool picture for your SK you say the same thing!



I’ll shoot you some pictures of his other appearances, they can vary pretty wildly, Judgement version especially. :upside_down_face:

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