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Source: Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

When you hear the call, you better cling for your life, Death is coming to hunt those whose life is due… just like a bounty hunter.

“What’s the matter? Lives flashing before your eyes?”

Star: :star::star::star:
Role: Damage
Position: Middle
Team: Red


Entrance: Death whistles as he appears to his position, taking off his hood and brandishes his sickles.

Basic Attack: Strikes an enemy twice

Victory: Spins his sickles before putting them back on his belt.

Defeat: Death growls at enemies, before his expression softens.


White Skill: Duel to Death
(Fantastic Damage)
Death turns his sickles to a double-edged polearm for the rest of the wave, increasing his Basic Damage by Z and causing his basic attacks to deal Fantastic Damage. Additionally, all Fantastic Damage done by Death is increased by Y.
If this skill is used for the second time onwards in one wave, Death has his Basic Damage and Fantastic Damage dealt increased by Z instead.

Green Skill: Shivering Whistle
At the start of each wave, the player chooses an enemy for Death to hunt, Death deals 200% more damage to the chosen enemy, they will be Scared for the rest of the wave and their Reality is reduced by X.
On Auto, Death will hunt the enemy with the least HP. When the hunted enemy is KO’d, Death will hunt another enemy with the least HP.

Blue Skill: Ring of Fire
(Fantastic Damage)
From the spark of his sickles, Death bursts out flames from the ground to the hunted enemy, dealing X damage and Limiting them for 8 seconds. After Death uses ‘Duel to Death’, Death strikes the hunted enemy which deals Y damage and Limiting the enemy for 12 seconds instead.

Purple Skill: The Smell of Fear
(TRUE Damage)
Death deals additional Y TRUE Damage to Scared enemies when ‘Duel to Death’ is activated. The TRUE Damage dealt is reduced against enemies above level Z.

Red Skill: Death, Straight Up
The activation of ‘Duel to Death’ the second time onwards on the same wave increases Death’s Fantastic Crit chance by 10% until 50%.
When the hunted enemy is KO’d, the cooldown to Ring of Fire is reduced to 0 after Death hunts another enemy. Additionally, every enemy hunted by Death are also Limited for the rest of the wave, Death’s skill levels will be increased by 50% as well for the duration.

+Z Basic Damage
+Z Fantastic Damage dealt
+Z Reality


Death/Jack Sparrow
Campaign: A Pirate’s Life For Him
Death is upset that Jack keeps throwing himself to danger and of course, risk his life in the name of a pirate life. He decided to teach the pirate a hard way, but a pirate is always a pirate.

Disk: Death Flag (Ja)
Bonus Effect when Allies are KO’d

  • +Z Basic Damage to Damage allies
  • +Z damage dealt to Scared enemies
  • When an ally is KO’d, the enemy that KO’s them are Scared for 4 (+2 per star) seconds.

Campaign: Day of the Dead
It’s Dia de los Muertos, Death roams the land of the living and watches them prepare for the special day. However, he is curious about Miguel who isolates himself with his dog Dante instead of helping his family.

Disk: Lasting Legacy (Mi)
Active Skill Heals

  • +Z Max HP
  • +Z Max HP for Tank and Damage allies
  • Using ‘Duel to Death’ heals Death for Z HP
  • 100 (+50 per star) Starting Energy

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Great concept :+1:


I’m back!!! Nice Concept! :ok_hand:t2:

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