Desperate need of more Hero Chips

We desperately need another way to get hero chips. Either that or we need more chips given from the current available avenues. 1 or 2 chips from raiding campaigns, and five from shops isn’t cutting it when we have to use hero chips for Red Skills and Mods and to sometimes get more stars for our disks. The mods eat my hero chips like crazy.


There’s a lot of heroes with only two nodes for chips in Elite Campaign; even with the guild perks we can have only 5 attempts per node, which works out to 100 chips per month. In a few months, that won’t even be enough to keep a red skill leveled up.

We really need a reliable way to get more hero chips.


And they need to put a cap at how many hero chips we need per Red Skill lv. My proposal is that it stops increasing at 20, making 5 lv costs 100 hero chips

If it doesnt stop increasing, one day it will be 100 hero chip per lv (if this game lasts that long) and when that day comes, it will be horrible

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This problem is entirely of PB’s own making from them refusing to introduce any new 3* heroes for ages. I get plenty of chips for older 3* heroes from crates, but barely any for new heroes who I actually want to work on.

Entirely deliberate on their part of course, but along with the rising chip costs it’s no longer sustainable. Alongside increasing chip gain in other ways for existing heroes, re-introducing 3* heroes going forward would greatly help.

(Also, the cost for mods is absurd - I’ve no idea what the max advancement is now, but from +8 to +9 costs 100 hero chips. ?!)


We should get 30 chips from crates for all heroes, regardless of how many stars they start at. Also drops from élite should be increased, and 5 per buy from shops is fine but we should get a bit more tokens (at least surge and heist…)

Either that or mods and red skills shouldn’t cost chips (maybe 25 for attuning/unlocking could stay, but for upgrading it’s way too much)



Yes please! This was the most succinct such post I could find.

@Loutre we really do suffer a shortage of Hero Chips at the current level cap. This topic is a year old - so around 60 levels old - and upgrading Red Skills & Mods was already a stretch back then.

60 levels later, it’s becoming impossible to keep Red Skills up to date because there’s no reliable way of earning enough hero chips (Elite Campaign is not the answer).

This is the main culprit -

The move to have every new hero start at 1* / 10 Chips, while making it slightly easier to unlock the heroes, made it extremely difficult to earn a steady amount of chips for them from Diamond Crates as the ‘already unlocked’ full hero drop is much less.

We get plenty of Diamond crates in rewards now (that’s great!) but it’s still not enough to get all the Hero Chips we need. There are so many heroes now that the spread of chips, being very broad, means that we just get very little amounts of very many heroes.

No amount of deal purchases will fix that, as the ones offering a bunch of chips are limited to select heroes, and even with many thousands of Diamond Crates it won’t be enough - not to mention that most players probably prefer to purchase stamina-based deals for the flexibility of use, and many prefer not to purchase any at all.

If the chip drops from Diamond Crates were all normalised to give 30 (3*), or even 18 (2*) for an unlocked Full Hero drop, this would be a really easy way of helping to balance Hero Chip economy without upsetting other areas of the game. Those old heroes who do drop these amounts are some of those who we can just about manage to earn enough chips for with the amount of Diamond Crates that we earn (the others being Contest or Prize Wall heroes).

Many Red Skills feature effects such as ‘This effect has a chance to fail, or is less effective, below X level’ - making it very important for our gameplay to keep these up to date!

Please consider normalising these Diamond Crate drops so we can keep upgrading our heroes :slight_smile:


Please read Pip’s entire comment, but this is the heart of it. I first started in the game as soon as I could get it from the Google Play store, and have played every single one of the 1331 days since. I’ve never been shy about spending shop tokens for hero chips or spending stamina to raid Elite Campaign, and I’ve opened unknown thousands of various crates over the past 3.5+ years, yet I’m still running short on chips for several heroes.

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This is how many hero chips we need to max the current red skill :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: hownon earth can we have that many???

You guys really need to make some adjustments to the red skill cost as it is insane and totally get out of hand :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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