Destination D23 announcements poll

Destination D23 held it’s parks panel yesterday morning and there were a few announcements (be they exciting or not),so vote for your favorite announcement!

  • Decade long expansion
  • beyond big thunder biggest magic kingdom expansion
  • barker parrot tavern
  • country bear musical jamboree
  • hatbox ghost arrival date
  • opening date for journey of water
  • moana meet and greet
  • figment meet and greet
  • test track retheme
  • luminous
  • soarin’ over California’s return to EPCOT
  • Zootopia 3D show in animal kingdom
  • Encanto/Indiana Jones dinoland rethem
  • Louis the alligator animatronic
  • asha meet and greet
  • Ashoka on star tours
  • king thanos ride vehicle
  • frozen land
  • Disneyland hotel in Paris
  • Hong Kong frozen land at night
  • lookout cay
  • Disney adventure
  • Disney+ haunted mansion streaming date

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I may update This depending on if anything new is announced


Also so many votes for Dinoland U.S.A. retheme “Dinosaur” is my favorite ride at Animal Kingdom :joy::joy:

No, asha from wish, ahsoka’s meet and greet was announced a few months ago

Ah that’s right totally forgot about, I was confused because it kinda relates to Ashoka so I thought it it was autocorrect but I understand now

It’s nice to see that the Country Bears haven’t been forgotten.

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I love this ride as well, but it may be the most problematic Disney ride out there. I’ve taken my family on that ride, and, let me just say, it always scares everyone….maybe a little too much.

Honestly, I’m not too thrilled for this. It kinda seems….boring? However, I am so glad for Indiana Jones!

I’m going there in 5 months!! So excited to see what Disney has come up with!


Not to mention it looks like a ride you find in a carnival. At least, Temple of the Forbidden Eye (the ride I think is very simliar) had updated it’s special effects a little bit.

Another reason I kinda hate it is Encanto? Indiana Jones? What do they have to do with ANIMAL Kingdom?

It’s the same exact track as DINOSAUR! all it really is, is a reskin which is probably why imagineering decided to do it and not Moana/ Zootopia

I feel like Disney May make it like the Indy ride in TDS (I think it’s temple of the crystal skull, also no relation to the movie). It’s in a South America area so that could be it instead of the India themed temple of the forbidden eye from DLR

I mean, I kinda agree with this but: the one kid from Encanto has animal powers (lol I forgot his name), the Indy ride, if it is a reskin, should have a giant snake animatronic and a bug room.

Aw, lucky, I’ve only been to the Norway pavilion in Epcot, probably the closest I’ll ever get :joy::sob:

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They are not making Frozen Land in Epcot. It will be in Hong Kong.

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Why was this flagged?

Probably because it’s my main account’s new alt and it’s this account’s first time posting, I feel like this post will be flagged too

Still I don’t think it should have been flagged in the first place

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I think the rule set by the forums is that messages created by alts of the original topic creator are flagged by default to prevent one person from flooding their own topic with spam. So it’s possible it was an automated process and not by someone specific.


Yea, it was flagged as soon as I posted it so it was the forum not any users

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Anyway, it’s nice to see that thr animals of South America is getting represented. They can add jaguars, boas, capybera, llamas, and very colorful birds like toucans and macaws. And who better to host this then Antonio Madrigal. So, it would be only right for the Madrigals to set up shop in Animal Kingdom considering they come from Columbia. With the inclusion of South America, I can see them adding stuff for Up and The Emperor’s New Groove.

I can also see them expanding Animal Kingdom further. They could set up a land revolving around animals from the artic. They can make it like a big ice cave where they house polar bears, seals, and penguins.

Another good idea is land themed off of Australia. A outback like desert that houses Australia animals like kangaroos, koalas, kookaburra, and cockatoos with a giant statue of Marahute overlooking the land.

During Animal Kingdom’s development, there was going to be a land dedicated to mythical creatures which I thought was a great idea. But, it was canned due to budget cuts. Maybe they can reignite that idea given on how on-point it is for Disney. They can create some orginal park characters that help people learn about the many mythical creatures from all over the world.

They won’t do this because they aren’t blockbuster movies :joy::joy::joy:

Poor “It’s tough to be a bug”.
It was the only A Bug’s Life attraction left.
Apparently for the Zootopia show, they are using the Clawhauser animatronic from Shanghai Disneyland.

I hope the Asha meet and greet also comes to Disneyland Paris!

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