DH Luca & Alberto Prize Wall

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update! This release features the Luca & Alberto Prize Wall


  • New! Luca & Alberto from Disney and Pixar’s Luca!

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will appear in Shops after they refresh on January 5th at 9:00AM CST.

Existing Heroes

  • Cinderella will replace Quasimodo as an IAP exclusive hero.
  • Quasimodo will be an event exclusive hero featured in contest rewards.
  • 22 will be an event exclusive character featured in the City Watch Crate.
  • Luca & Alberto will be available in the Prize Wall starting Thursday, January 5th.
  • Meilin Lee will be available in the VIP Crate.
  • The Mayor will be available in the Guild Crate.
  • Prince Philip and Milo Thatch will be Diamond Chest exclusive.
  • Mother Gothel will be available in the Elite Campaign.

That already happened. :woman_shrugging:

Get rid of these annoying useless crates.

I wish these deals were worth… some money, they could give at least 1k hero chips (or 2k like franchise deals).

They are only in a diamond crate, still. That is suppose to happen later or?


This is specifically referring to when the new Prize Wall is starting


Gold chest exclusive? :thinking: Huh?


It’s actually supposed to be Diamond Crate exclusive! Corrected that error. Good eye!


Well, excited as always. I’m ready (as usual) to have the underdogs once and for all! :sunglasses::motor_scooter:

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Why is Gothel still the rewards for this contest?

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That’s only rank rewards, Quasimodo is in the progress rewards as the exclusive.

Would be indeed better if contest exclusive heroes would be rewarded from both.


Brought it up to the team! It should be Voyd now!

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