DHBM Character Thread

Hello! Welcome to a new thread for character stuff! This is a great place to share so many things, and this thread is unlike threads including DHBM Photo Gallery 1 and 2! These are the things you can post here:

Underrated characters:

Underrated teams:

Underrated disks:

Any coliseum and arena teams you want to share or have help with:

And any characters you want to be added to the game:

Coli team, just swapping Mulan with Disgust

Underrated Hero.

That’s a six times a no.

What is? @Iconic_Aurora has their own heroes they like and use, and maybe you like some heroes they don’t like.

thank you :smiley:

A little typo. But this thread is a good idea, @The_Mad_Bagheera!

Just fixed!

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And Roz is a great idea for an addition. :+1:

Personally, my top hope is Cruella de Vil.

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That is a good idea. There are a lot of Disney productions that have no reps in DH:BM

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Some Cars reps would be nice

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Yes good idea

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