DHBM CityWatch problem

D3m0nm4n here.
Having problems with the CityWatch area, because I can’t get near it.
Every time I try to get near the “refresh” button, it opens up my Sidebar Menu.

Will somebody look into that and PLEASE fix the darn thing? I’m getting irritated here…

If your sidebar is always active, change the settings such that this won’t happen

Already tried that and guess what… Still not working

Might need pic to visualise the situation

I find it possible to tap the reset button, but it usually takes several attempts.

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Okay then. How did you pull it off?

Tapping at the left edge of the reset button works, if I hit just the right spot. That’s on my screen, though; on screens where the reset button is even just a little further to the right, or screens that aren’t quite as exact with their touch sensors, it might be even harder or impossible to get the right spot. Have you sent a message to in-game support?

Okay, I’ve kept on trying that reset button like you did, but it’s still not working. And no, I have not sent a message to in-game support…cause I don’t know HOW.

Tap on your profile picture in-game and tap on the Support button.


…Thanks for the tip

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This might be a screen size problem, because the icons are squeezed together. Naturally, it’s harder to use on a smaller screen device

It’s not the size, it’s the dimensions. That screenshot is from my 10-inch tablet, with a 1.67/1 width/height ratio; my much-smaller smartphone doesn’t have the same problem, because its width/height ratio is 2.22/1, giving more space horizontally for widget placement.

Since many, if not most, players only play the game on one device, though, it would be beneficial for PerBlue to ensure the buttons are space properly regardless of a device’s dimensions.

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