DHBM/Forums Trivia!

So I thought that this is a good idea, is a trivia about the game mostly buuut some questions are about the forums.

Rules and additional things

  1. The first forumer that answer correctly will get 1 point (both, forums and the game), there are challenges too and they are only going to be done in the forums and they give 1 points too.

  1. I´ll be posting questions in random hours of the day, so the questions can be shown at any time :eyes:.

  1. I´ll be editing the main post so you can se everyone´s score, if you make a question then you will have to edit the wiki to put the score of the person who answer you.

  1. Anyone can make the questions any day! (but please stay on topic and don´t spam)

  1. If you think that a question is too dificult I can give a clue, but first discuss it with other forumers so you don´t waste the clue, there´s only 1 clue per day so use it properly.

  1. Each 15 points you gain you will receive a clue, that clue you can use it whenever you want, but at the end of the round it will restart the points so the clues too, you will have to send a PM to the forumer that made the question, remember, the forumer that made the question. when you gain a clue I´ll put “(X clues)” in your points, if you send me the PM for the clue, when I answer I´ll remove or decrease the amounts of clues you have, if you send a PM to another forumer, the forumer that give the clue has to edit the wiki to decrease the amount of clues you have or remove the clue if you only have 1.

  1. Have fun!

  1. This rule is only in the circumstances that I can´t edit the wiki, if you see a :white_check_mark: is that is happening and if you see a :negative_squared_cross_mark: is that isn´t happening.
    Until I can edit the main post again the one who answers will have to edit the wiki and put their point (s).

First question: Which are two the main protagonists in DHBM history in the campaign?


Halls of fame
Round/week 1

Round/week 2

Round/week 3

Round/week 1

Myeong 8 Points

Muppet_Labs 6 Points

MissingLure 5 Points

Lucas1999 3 Points

Giosphere 4 Points

Tragic-Magic 3 Points

Disney-Fan 1 Point

Grim_grinning_Ghost 1 Point

Slinky-Dog 1 Point

Round/week 2

Muppet_Labs 11 Points

Tragic-Magic 10 Points

lrrer_Minnie 8 Points

Giosphere 8 Points

Myeong 6 Points

Prince-of-Hearts 6 Points

Dr-Drakken 5 Points

MissingLure 5 Points

Imagineer_V 5 Points

Filadae_Djaq 3 Points

Lucas1999 3 Points

Slinky-Dog 4 Points

TotallyNotDash 3 Points

Grim_grinning_Ghost 3 Points

Uncle_Blobfish 1 Points

Rinoxeronte 1 Point

Heros_Porcinet_XCIX 1 Point

Disney-Fan 1 Point

Round/week 3

Filadae_Djaq 28 Points (1 clue)

Missing_Lyrics 27 Points (1 clue)

Rinoxeronte 19 points (1 clue)

Prince-Aamir 18 Points (1 clue)

Commander-Rex 13 points

Giosphere 11 Points

Lucas1999 10 Points

TotallyNotDash 10 points

Myeong 9 Points

Winter_Phal 9 Points

Tragic-Magic 8 Points

Musk_WhenKimWillBeRefreshed 7 Points

MissingLure 7 Points

Irrer_Minnie 7 Points

Muppet_Labs 4 Points

Disney-Fan 4 Points

AbuBakr_Umar 3 Points

LilRubyKinz 3 Points

Rose S21 3 Points

Captain_C 3 Points

Raymond 3 Points

Kawaii_Lover_LOL 3 Points

Kayla 3 Points

Heros_Porcinet_XCIX 3 Points

Imagineer_V 3 Points

Ruler_Flower123 2 Points

This week/round points (4th)

@Filadae_Djaq 7 Points

@Just_Phal 4 points

@Commander-Rex 3 points

@Commander-Rex 3 points

@TotallyNotDash 3 Points

@Giosphere 3 points

@Prince-Aamir 3 Points

@Prince-Aamir 2 Points

Imagineer_V 2 points

@Irrer-Minnie 1 point

@One_Little_Spark 1 point

Muppet_Labs 1 point


Ralph and Elastigirl

Wrong, but you almost did it.

Is it Ralph and Vanellope?

Correct! (10c)

What’s the name of the only game mode where you can get RS chips free every day?

City Watch

Correct! (10c)

Which are the two game modes in which you use three teams to beat other 3 teams?

Coliseum and guild wars

Correct! (10c)

Which character had the first refresh and wich character had the most recent refresh?

Jack Sparrow, Dr. Facilier.

Correct! (10c)

How is called the skill that both, Olaf and Mike have?

On a Roll, I think.

Correct! (10c)

Which was the first hero that could have “Precise”?

Jumba I think

Correct! (10c)

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